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Mission and


The Bel Canto Institute San Miguel will provide an extraordinarily intense multi-week program for select singers with major career potential. The institute’s renowned international faculty from both the United States and Mexico will include top voice teachers, conductors, coaches, as well as experts in stage training, body work and life coaching. The Institute’s voice faculty connects and embodies directly a long line of Bel Canto training extending from the legendary Garcias of the late 18th century, through the work of Anna Schoen-Rene in the first half of the 20th century, extending to the important teaching of Margaret Harshaw in the latter half of the century.

We envision an ambiance where world-class faculty works collaboratively to ensure break-through progress from each participant; where singers can work in an environment that permits risk-taking and nurtures positive change; where the singer is addressed as a whole person in order to release his/her own unique sound and artistry. The Institute is founded on the idea that when the singer’s voice, body, breath, dramatic intention and musicality function together in harmony and freedom real artistry can be achieved.

On top of voice instruction and musical coaching, the Institute will provide essential training for the whole body, stage movement, and foreign language diction. This wide range of work with the body will provide a basis for achieving real freedom, releasing not only the full capacity of the voice, but also the singer’s potential as a dramatic artist. Each participant will be offered Life Coaching by an expert in the field in order to learn to set career/life goals and develop multiple strategies to achieve them.

Through approaching the singer in a holistic manner, the Institute aims to craft a powerful transformative experience for each participant.

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